Our Stories: The “Whoa” Moments

When I travel, I rarely find that visiting specific landmarks are what sink into my memory.  It’s those “woah” moments that really make me pause and think, “Holy s***, I made it.” Usually, these moments happen on the first or second day, still a little hazy and jet-lagged from the flight, when being in a foreign place hasn’t really hit yet.

The last time that this happened was on my most recent trip, Highlights of Australia. My friend Will and I were walking up the steps of the Shrine of Remembrance, a war memorial on the outskirts of Melbourne, when we shared our “woah” moment. I assume we were talking about which city is a better sports town, Boston or St. Louis, when we reached the top of the steps and saw one of the most beautiful views either of us has ever seen. It was that instant that you look for whenever you travel: the “woah” moment. Overlooking the city, Will turned and said to me, “This is one of those times where the term ‘speechless’ is actually relevant.”


Eric is a Trip Consultant at EF Ultimate Break, where he began working in 2011. He is a avid Boston sports fan and a world traveler who is constantly looking for the “woah” moments of life. To speak with our Trip Consultants, call 800 766 2645 or chat with them at efultimatebreak.com.


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