Eight Well-Spent Dollars in Kyoto: Savory Street Food Beckons

$8.00 goes a long way in Kyoto, Japan, so we wanted to show you a savory sampling to wet your appetite for this city’s incredible food. Not only is it just darn tasty, but Japan is also an extremely vegetarian-friendly travel destination.

Kyoto is fast garnering more and more attention as an unbeatable destination and favored stop for those seeking authentic Japanese experiences.  Conde Nast Traveler readers recently named it a top 25 global city. Travel + Leisure named Kyoto the #1 city in their recently published World’s Best City list.

We went to Kyoto’s Nishiki Market to see just what eight bucks could get us. Here is what we came up with…


Your $3 Appetizer: Tako Tamago or Baby Octopus Stuffed with Quail Eggs

Tasting Notes: Chewy with nice hints of sweet and salty. The quail egg was a big taste surprise—a flavor burst after the getting thru the chewy outside.


Your $3 Main Course: Tamagoyaki – the “Japanese Omelette”

Tasting Notes: The name literally means “fried egg”.  The eggs were incredibly light and fluffy, featuring common fillings like spinach, onions, chicken, and crab. Delicious. You will want more!

Your $2 Dessert: Green Tea Ice Cream (red boiled beans optional)

Tasting Notes:  Bitter and sweet come together in this after-dinner treat.  Not brave enough to try this with the beans? Go ahead and skip it. Kyoto is renowned for all things Green Tea, and this ice cream was the perfect finish to our meal. 

If exotic street food isn’t to your liking, Kyoto is also known for more plebeian, yet tasty, Ramen.

The restaurant city here is second to none, with old-style Japanese restaurants combining the best ingredients with an exceptional level of attention to detail to create memorable meals each and every time you eat.

Our Highlights of Japan and China trip will get you immersed in authentic Japanese culture.  You’ll visit some of the city’s famous Buddhist and Shinto shrines, get to stay in authentic ryokan, and of course, visit the food stalls of Kyoto.