The Best Moments from Highlights of Japan and China

One of the greatest parts of travel is the unexpected. By delving into another country somewhere thousands of miles away from your home, you learn to roll with the punches. Once you master the art of a laissez-faire attitude, you find surprises around every corner.

Erin Dailey is a College Break traveler who joined us on Highlights of Japan and China this past summer and took over the EFCB Instagram for the trip. Erin chose to write about some of her experiences on the trip and, let me say on behalf of the whole EFCB team, we are all eternally jealous of her adventures. Check out some of the highlights of Erin’s trip:


Would you guess that this says, “Burt Reynolds”? Because it does.
Karaoke with a few new friends.
Now we know what that pink swirl emoji is.
Doing a little shopping.
Tokyo’s Akihabara neighborhood. AKA the Electric City.
  1. A Casual Deadmau5 Concert in Shanghai:

There are literally hundreds of moments I will never forget on this trip. A member of the tour group actually found a Deadmau5 concert in Shanghai and got all of us in. It was beyond amazing, and the club was filled to the brim with all sorts of people.“

2. Asking the Bald Guy from “Who’s Line is it Anyway?” for Directions:

“Tokyo had to of been one of my most favorite places on the trip. I even ran into Colin Mochrie (an actor from ‘Whose Line is it Anyways?’) in Shibuya! It was totally on accident, of course. I heard an English accent coming from a family near me whilst being lost on one of Shibuya’s many busy streets. His family was very helpful in directing me to where I needed to go. I didn’t realize it was Colin Mochrie and his wife until I turned my head and saw him sitting on a stoop next to us! What a small world! Not wanting to be rude (they were obviously on vacation) my friend and I asked him about it later via Twitter.”





(Fortunately for us, Erin believes in the idea of “Pics or it didn’t happen”, so here is her proof of her encounter.)





3. Nothing Brings People Together Like Sake.

“There was also a night in Tokyo where my roommate and I explored the Ryoguken area and stumbled upon a tiny wine bar. We had just finished eating ramen in one of the local shops and were trying to find ways to bridge the communication gap by ways of phone photos and downloaded Japanese phrases. We made the mistake of asking for ‘sake’. A Japanese man and his American wife began chatting with us about how ‘sake’ is a general term for alcohol and not a specific brand. From there the four of us talked for hours! The couple told us all sorts of things about Japan.”

Erin also wrote about going out for karaoke with the group and her tour director, riding a giant roller coaster at the Tokyo Dome and the general awe she felt in Shanghai. Erin summed up her experience with, “I think leaving was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do. The whole experience was absolutely amazing and I honestly cannot wait to go on another trip with EF College Break!”
Erin even made a video of some of the incredible moments from her trip. You can check it out here: 

Japan from Erin Dailey on Vimeo.