EF Ultimate Break Trips: You Never Know Who You’ll Meet


Some of the best parts of traveling are the unknowns. What you see, what you experience, the stories you’ll be able to tell your grandkids– it all creates that bubbly anticipation that sums up the joy of traveling. The best unknown, particularly for Ultimate Break travelers, revolves around the people you meet. Though destinations vary, timeframes are different and world events can keep us on our toes, the one thing that remains consistent are the relationships that are built by Ultimate Break travelers.

I sat down with Bridget, a two-time Ultimate Break traveler, who made some incredible friends on her trip with us to Italy and Greece. Bridget traveled with her best friend from college, but left the trip with five additional best friends. Read on to hear this real life Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants…

Morgan: So, give me your back story. How did you stumble upon Ultimate Break?
Bridget: All my friends were planning on backpacking through Europe, but the thought of just going and winging it gave me hives. My best friend Jessi and I had always wanted to travel together, so we started Googling and found Ultimate Break.

M: Google is a powerful thing. How did you pick your trip?
B: Well, originally, I was going to quit my job and we were going to go on Ultimate Europe. My mom shot that down really quick, so Jessi and I picked our top destinations and decided on Italy and the Greek Islands.

M: Awesome trip! So you went with your best friend, but what was it like meeting other people too?
B: When traveling, you have no choice but to be friends. You’re stuck with each other in the best way ever. I am outgoing to a fault, so if I don’t know you, I will make sure that I do by the end of the day. After the welcome mixer, I rounded up a group who wanted to go out. These girls raised their hands and we walked over two miles to a bar and immediately hit it off.

M: What were some of your favorite memories from the trip?
B: Instead of going out one night in Athens, we walked to a little restaurant on a hill that overlooked the city. Nothing crazy happened; we just talked, laughed and ordered wine and desserts to share. Sitting and looking up at the Acropolis together laughing was like the ultimate snapshot moment. Of all the crazy nights we had on the trip, it was this moment that I knew I’d be friends with these girls forever.

M: That is literally the cutest thing I’ve ever heard. Do you still keep in touch?
B: Oh ya, we have a group text and talk all the time. Last Labor Day we went to San Diego to meet up with one of the girls and then this past May, we went to New York and did all of the sightseeing stuff there. One of the girls is actually getting married this year and we’re all invited to the wedding! She’s the first of the five of us to get engaged, and after three years, we’re all still going strong.

M: That’s exactly what we like to hear! It sounds like you had an unforgettable trip. Do you have any closing remarks for your big blog debut?
B: I never had the opportunity to travel in high school, and Ultimate Break gave me the chance to go. Once I was there, my expectations were blown away. I had no idea what kind of impact this trip would have on me and it’s the reason I now look to travel all the time. It’s something everyone should do.

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