International Pillow Fight Day

Did you participate in International Pillow Fight Day last Saturday? I didn’t, but thousands of people all over the world did.

As you can guess, International Pillow Fight Day is an organized event where people get together in cities all over the world and hit each other with pillows. I blogged about this last April, and I’m blogging about it again. That’s how much I support International Pillow Fight Day. The fights took place on every continent but Antarctica—from Sydney to São Paolo, Beijing to Berlin, Amsterdam to Accra, Indianapolis to Istanbul, and many, many others.

As this news report shows, much fun was had in some of the world's best cities. (Check the 0:42 mark for the most enthusiastic pillow fighter of the day.) In Berlin they fought at Brandenburg Gate. In Paris it was near the Eiffel Tower. In Madrid they did it in Plaza de España. And in Brussels the battle was in the Place de la Monnaie. Even though there are pillow fights in cities all over the U.S. too, I think it would be extra special to fight abroad. There’s nowhere I’d rather hit someone with a pillow than in the shadow of the Eiffel Tower.

International Pillow Fight Day was started in 2008 as an online flash-mob type of venture. It has gained popularity in the years since, and by all accounts, last weekend was a big success. This bodes well. International events foster camaraderie across borders and cultures. Now I just need to get a pillow ready for International Pillow Fight Day 2011. I wonder where I’ll be…

Photo: yXeLLe [email protected]~ via Flickr (CC license)

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