Tour Director Feature: Elena Lomban

With trips all over the world running all year long, it takes a special person to lead them and make the magic of an EF College Break trip happen. You have to be energetic, dynamic and give the people what they want in order to be an EFCB tour director. Meet Elena, one of our travel superheroines hailing from Galicia, Spain. Read on and get to know Elena, her favorite cities in Europe and her expert travel tips:

elena 2


Years with EF: 9 years total (4 with College Break)

Languages spoken: Spanish, English, Italian & French

Interests: Cooking, watching movies, dancing, biking and laughing

As you’ll be able to tell, Elena is a walking ball of sunshine. She loves College Break and is one of our top-rated tour directors. As I was interviewing her, I couldn’t contain the huge smile on my face. Here’s how the conversation went:


Q: Obviously, you’re very well-traveled. What would you say are your favorite European cities and why?
A: I’d say, Paris in the fall, Rome in the summer and all of Spain all year round. Rome is the whole package: food, wine & art. Paris is great because I like to see the different colours of fall reflected on the trees in the parks like in a 60’s movie, if that makes sense.

Q: Uh, yes it makes sense and sounds beautiful. *Looks for flights to Paris* Anyways, do you have any insider, off-the-beaten-path tips for travelers in Paris?
A: For the most authentic experience, go to a local boulangerie & buy a baguette (AKA a sandwich), an apple tart for dessert and wine if possible. Go to to Saint Louis Island behind the Notre Dame and do a picnic on the River Seine! If you fancy the best ice cream in Paris try Berthillon, located on the same island.

Q: You had me at “sandwich” – count me in. Any general tips our travelers should know?
A: YES! Be ready for an experience that will change your life forever. Open your eyes to a world made of a mosaic of traditions, cultures and people.

Q: Well, that was poetic. What else?
A: Bring an ATM (debit) card with you. There are ATMs all over and it’s the easiest way of getting local currency. Pack comfy shoes for walking – we walk to see and to be seen. Socializing is part of our culture 🙂

Q: Any packing tips?
A: Bring a medium sized suitcase. Carrying a big suitcase from here to there may be a pain. Be smart when packing.

Q: True! Giant suitcases are a huge nuisance. Any final thoughts before I start Googling photos of Paris in the fall?
A:  Last but not least: be willing to have a great time in a new place with new people.


Elena’s next College Break trip is the New Year’s Eve Grand Tour of Spain. Get there here.