Lights on in Sydney

Sydney, Australia is getting all lit up at night these days. You can see it in this video of the Sydney Opera House. The light show, called Lights On, is part of the Vivid Sydney festival—it started on May 27 and runs for about two-and-a-half weeks.

The purpose of Vivid Sydney is to put Sydney’s creativity on display. The festival's executive producer says that Sydney is a creative hub (I’m not one to disagree with him), and the festival underscores the city’s creativity and also encourages people to get involved in creative industries.

This is the third annual Vivid, and they say it’s been growing every year. The festival’s tagline is Light, Music and Ideas, three things I like very much. The events include light shows, live music, discussions, and an outdoor exhibition of interactive light sculptures.

The Lights On thing starts every day at 6 PM (there’s a daily countdown on the festival’s website). There are light shows in various places, but the highlight is definitely the Opera House. It looks very cool. The iconic building is already very aesthetically pleasing, and the light show offers a new way to appreciate the unique shape of the famous roof.

Another way to appreciate the unique shape of the famous roof is to go on EF College Break's Australia and New Zealand trip in 2012. It's a great one.

Photo: jaroslavd via Flickr (CC)

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