London’s Secret Cinema

There’s an organization that's really catching on in London. It’s for people who love movies, love events, and love being in on secrets. It’s called Secret Cinema, and it has more than 60,000 members and 40,157 facebook fans (and counting).

Here’s how it works: Once a month, Secret Cinema members get an email about the next movie screening event. The invitation tells you where to meet, when to meet, and what to wear. And this isn’t just practical information, it’s also a clue about what the movie is going to be (if you’re told to wear a blue wig and cowboy boots, and wrap yourself in toilet paper, then the movie must be…).

You go to the meeting place at the appointed time. From there, everyone is transported by bus or trolley or spaceship or whatever to the secret screening location, which could be anything from a farm, to an abandoned theater, to a rooftop, to a five-star hotel parking garage. Along the way, you may stop at other unexpected locations to witness art installations and staged performances, all with the goal of re-creating the world of the secret movie. Finally, you reach the secret location, the secret movie is shown, and members watch it together
in a party-like atmosphere.

The idea of Secret Cinema is to transport people to another world. It’s to make movie-watching a more interactive and social experience. It’s all very thematic. Members are immersed in a surreal alternate reality, all the while trying to guess what the movie might be.

It all looks like a pretty good time. And a pretty nerdy time. But nerdiness is in these days, so it’s not surprising that this thing is gaining popularity. Next time you’re in London, you might be able to partake. You can register at the Secret Cinema website.

Photo: San Sharma via Flickr (CC license)

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