Our Stories: Here, There and Everywhere


The group disappeared behind us; all of London sprawled ahead. It was time for the Fab Four to embark on our very own British Invasion.


We bounced to and from every illustrious corner the city provides; from the London Eye to the heights of the Shard, we saw it all. Or almost all. Although we were to meet up with the rest of the group at a pub, the old hippie in me still really wanted to see Abbey Road. So we hustled and bustled over to the nearest tube station as a train arrived. This was it. This was lit. We would either make this train and see one of the most iconic places in music history, or have to dejectedly sip on beer as “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” symbolically strummed in the distance.

I sprinted, hopped a flight of stairs and asserted myself into the packed car, with my friends shortly behind…except one. This particular lollygagger decided now was the perfect moment to take a selfie for all his devoted followers back home. With a scream primal enough to land me in The Revenant, I caught his attention. He leapt for the door. Like a young Johnny Weir after one too many wine coolers, his grace transcended space and time, only to stumble into the door’s dirty, cold, automatic grasp.

On the Tube

We yanked and we pulled until he was relinquished from this formidable foe, and to our astonishment, made the fleeting ride. Locals looked on as business as usual, but we felt the victory. It felt as cool as the concrete of Abbey Road against our bare feet, just as Paul would have wanted.

Lucas is a Trip Consultant at EF Ultimate Break. When he’s not walking barefoot through the streets of London, he’s helping people just like you take their dream trip. To speak with our Trip Consultants, call 800 766 2645 or chat with them at efultimatebreak.com.