Manners Matter While Traveling: 3 Slip Ups to Avoid

From using the salt shaker to wearing flip-flops, cultural slip ups are hiding at every turn!

One of the main reasons we travel internationally is to broaden our perspectives and gain insight into other cultures. This is all fine and dandy, but what happens when a common and seemingly harmless American gestures rubs someone the wrong way?

Business Insider recently compiled a list of 25 customs that are the norm here in the States, but may be offensive in other countries. Be sure to read the full list before your next big trip abroad!

Here our are three favorites from the list:

  1. Blowing your nose in public. Apparently, the French and the Saudis have one undeniable thing in common: they both consider it extremely rude and repulsive to blow your nose in full view of others. This makes perfect sense to us.
    The EF Ultimate Break break down: Don’t blow your nose in public.  It’s not right.
  2. Altering your meal. You might be crossing the line if you ask for butter in Rome for your dinner rolls, or are spotted adding salt to your pasta. Foodie cultures like Italy & France feature chefs that find it insulting if you don’t appreciate their culinary creations without modifying it.
    The EF Ultimate Break break down: One of the golden rules of restaurants is to never piss off the person cooking your food.
  3. The Sweatpants-Flip-Flop-Yoga Pants. Nothing is more American than to look the part of someone always ready to workout or like someone heading to the beach. The rest of the world views this as super sloppy and disrespectful.
    The EF Ultimate Break break down: If you’re going to show up, dress up!

Remember to check out the full article.