My trip in one word… “gastronomical”

Anyone that knows me understands that my two passions in life are travel and food.  When I found out I was going to Europe to experience EF Ultimate Break tours firsthand, I made it a mission to venture out and explore each city for the best food in town.

A few of my favorite things..

..from Lucerne

The largest chocolate collection I have ever seen from one of the many chocolatiers in the center of town.  Can’t you just smell the sweet aroma from looking at this photo?

A bookcase of chocolate.  I have spent hours at bookstores deciding which book to purchase.  Imagine how long I spent here.


..from Paris

A banana & Nutella crepe with a glass of Bordeaux for lunch at Versailles (Don’t judge.  It is never too early for red wine or Nutella).


..from Amsterdam

Endless samples of cheese at the Cheese Factory in central Amsterdam (it is both a restaurant and cheese shop).

Caution: Make sure to pace yourself with the samples or you will ruin lunch/dinner..and I suppose breakfast if you were out all night.

My recommendation: The Prosecco cheese.

If you’re daring: The Wasabi cheese and the Grass cheese.

A Traveler’s tip: Yes, you can bring cheese back to the US through customs as long as they are vacuum-sealed.


Arguably the best pizza I’ve ever had – again, at the Cheese Factory.

Pictured here:  A mushroom pizza [left] and mussels&scallops pizza [right].   I swear it’s all in the cheese!


And lastly, do not leave Amsterdam without Stroopwafels.   This is the only unoriginal photo of mine as I inhaled all the cookies before I even paused to take a photo.  This should say a lot about their greatness.

Are there any foods or restaurants you’ve tried while on tour?  Tell us about it on our Facebook page. 

Until next time,

Nikki, Assistant Controller