New museum for Japan’s favorite animated robotic cat

There’s a new museum opening up in Tokyo dedicated to Japan’s most famous animated robotic cat from the future: Doraemon.

I actually feel a little bit out of the loop on this one—I have no idea who Doraemon is. I feel like I should. The article goes so far as to call Doraemon Japan’s cartoon cultural ambassador. It says the cartoon series is translated into more than 30 languages and is beloved all over the world. Somehow I have missed him. I know Hello Kitty, I don’t know Doraemon.

I suppose that gives me even more reason to go check out the new Doraemon museum. It’s opening in early September on the outskirts of Tokyo. It will exhibit 50,000 Doraemon-related items, including many original drawings and the desk and other tools used by the character’s creator Fujiko F. Fujio (who died in 1996).

For those who also don’t know who Doraemon is, he’s a blue robotic cat with no ears who travels back from the 22nd century to help out a kid named Nobita Nobi. Doraemon uses gadgets from the future to save the day, and the episodes usually teach kids a lesson. Sounds fun.

I’d like to see this museum someday. Anyone taking the EF College Break trip to Japan might do the same. In the meantime, I think I’ll spend some time getting to know Doraemon on Youtube.

Photo: Nguyễn Thùy Trang via Flickr (CC)

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