Lederhosen and dirndls back in fashion in Munich

As you probably know, right now Munich is in the thick of Oktoberfest. Though I’m not there in person (and, if you’re reading this, chances are you aren’t either), we can still live vicariously through the millions who will participate before it’s all said and done. It runs until October 4, 2015.

I was just poking around the internet reading about the festivities, and I came across this interesting bit of Bavarian fashion news from recent Oktoberfests-past. Traditional Bavarian garb—lederhosen for guys, dirndls for ladies—are back in vogue. Over the last decade, one German clothing store that specializes in such clothing has seen a 500% increase in dirndl sales and has doubled their lederhosen sales. That’s amazing. That’s a huge increase in dirndl and lederhosen sales.

The cool thing is that fashion designers are putting a modern twist on the old traditional garb. The dirndls, for example, are getting brighter colors, fresh designs, and a little less restrictive in the belly area (so as to allow for more comfortable beer drinking).

I have been to Munich, and I loved it. My only regret is
that I did not buy myself a pair of lederhosen.

Photo: Tobias Apps via Flickr

Experience it all yourself on Oktoberfest in Germany.

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