Olympics in London and more

The Olympics will be in London this summer, and I’ve come across this cool video walking tour of the Olympic Park.

It’s actually kind of a different spin on your average Olympics walking tour. It takes you through an interesting London neighborhood called Hackney, which has historically been very industrial and is now filled with artists.

As for Olympic sites, the video takes you past the huge media headquarters for the Games, as well as the Olympic Stadium, the Aquatic Centre, the walkway where athletes will pass through en route to fame and glory, and the Velodrome (which people are calling the giant Pringle, thanks to its curves).

A lot of EF College Break summer trips will be lucky enough to be in London while the Olympics are going on. For instance, this one and this one and this one. (Check the dates.)

There’s nothing like being in a city when there’s that extra buzz in the air. Even if you’re in a city where the big event isn’t actually happening, it’s special. I can attest to this from my time in Prague during the 2006 World Cup and the 2005 World Ice Hockey Championship. Incredible fun.

Besides the Olympics, there’s another humongous sporting event in Europe this summer: Euro 2012, the huge soccer tournament. People in Europe go nuts for their national teams throughout the tourney, and anyone who’s in Europe between June 8 and July 1 will be a part of it. Like on this trip, or this one, or this one.

Europe will be a fun place to be this summer.

Photo: megoizzy via Flickr

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