One Night in Bangkok…

Murray Head’s classic new wave song, “One Night in Bangkok”, is playing in the background.  The College Break marketing team has gathered around to try to make sense of the music video.  Abby, from the Customer Experience team and Eric, a Trip Consultant, have joined us to help dissect this great piece of art.

We love Bangkok, and know you’ll love it too…this song, however, we’re not so sure about.

The song peaked atop the Billboard charts in South Africa, West Germany, Switzerland and Australia in 1985.  It’s highest chart position it obtained in the United States was #3.

So together, let’s watch this classic 1980s music video and prep ourselves for this amazing city.

Our comments are below.  Let us know what you think!



<Song begins>

Abby: “Oh my God!”

Morgan: “I thought this was supposed to be about Bangkok. It feels Egyptian.”

Eric:  “I’m ready to run through a brick wall right now, I’m loving this song.”


<After 30 seconds of the song, we paused and asked for reaction>

Justin: “Perhaps the ‘chess boys’ are a representation of the human condition?”

Abby: “I know it’s early in, but so far I feel very attracted by this song.”

Braden:  “I’m inspired by the use of Yule Brynner” (editor: a famous bald actor from the 1960s)

Nick: “Is it Oriental City, or Oriental Setting?”

Eric: “Was Chess, in fact, invented in Bangkok?”

Sky: “I don’t know what they just said.”

Nick:  “Is it chess boys or chaste boys?

Round 2  

Sky: “I’m not registering anything. Completely blanking.”

Eric: “I can’t get chess boys out of my head. Chess is a metaphor…but for what?”

Nick: “Something fishy is happening in Bangkok.”

Braden:  “To me, it is becoming clear that this song may not be about chess.”

Abby: “Yeah I agree, things are getting well – different.  I mean, I’m still attracted by this song, but clearly it is not about chess”.

Justin: “The more I listen the more I feel sort of, well, confused”

Morgan: “We’re not in Kansas anymore.”

Round 3:

Nick: “The kick boxers represent his anger.”

Braden: “I feel like he got burned in Thailand once. there’s a side of him that hates Bangkok and then the other side is trying to draw him back. He can’t resist; he can’t stay away. His memories from Bangkok are controlling him.”

Abby: “I sense danger. “

Sky: “He got tempted in a way he couldn’t handle.”

Justin: “1:51– THIS is the face of a man that didn’t make it to the bathroom.”


Round 4:
Morgan: “Did they just say cerebral fitness?” (editor: yes)

Eric: “He’s gone too far. He’s into it.”

Justin: “This is on par with Hitchcock.”

Braden: “Maybe he just doesn’t understand what he’s contemplating.”

Abby: “I have zero things in my head, i have a Halloween-y vibe now.”


Justin: “This man sounds like a prophet. This may be is the most thought-provoking song ever.”

Morgan: “I like when the song is about chess.”


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