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Paying for Your Trip

Four ways to make paying for your trip easier.

1. Automatic Payment Plan

Recommended; interest-free.

This makes paying for your trip a little bit easier and a lot less painful. Pay a little at a time, once or twice a month, with absolutely no interest or extra fees.

Service fee: $0

Deposit at booking: At least $150

Payments: These are taken automatically, monthly or bi-weekly, from the card or checking account you use at checkout.

Final payment deadline: 30 days before your trip leaves (but you won’t have to worry—it’s automatic!)

2. Manual Payment Plan


One trip doesn’t fit all, so why should a payment plan? This gives you the option to tell us what works best for you. 

Service fee: $50*

Deposit at booking: At least $450 (plus the cost of Travel Protection, if purchased).

Payments: To make a payment, just log into your online account.

Final payment deadline: Your balance must be paid off by 99 days before your trip leaves.

*$50 service fee covers costs associated with processing these payments.

“I know how I am as a spender, so I loved the payment system. I knew what I had to pay and knew where I had to be by what date. It helped me budget a lot better because I was able to make small payments. I put any extra money I got when I worked over a weekend toward my trip and could see myself making progress.”


Alex Sweeney
EF College Break Traveler

3. Repeat Travelers

Don’t stop at just one trip! You’ve got six continents and more than 20 countries to choose from.

To make your second, third or tenth trip even more accessible, we’ll give you $250 off for 6 months after you get back. It’s just a perk of being part of the family. Use the code “REPEAT” at checkout with your previous login.

4. Donation page

Teamwork makes the dream work. Tap into your network of friends and relatives and direct them to your very own Fundraising Page, where they can donate any amount towards your trip. You can find this link in your online account after you book. Now you know what to ask for on your next birthday…

Got friends who want to travel?