Ping Pong all over London

Here’s an idea I can get behind. This summer, between July 24 and August 22, there will be ping pong tables all over London, free for anyone who wants to use them.

One hundred tables in all will be available to the public, for residents and tourists alike. There will be paddles available at each table. The tables will be popping up at many famous landmarks, including Trafalgar Square, Regent's Park, the Tate Britain and Heathrow Airport.

I used to play ping pong in my younger days. I like the game. The mayor of London, Boris Johnson, claims that it was invented in Victorian England. They called it whiff-whaff. I don’t know if that’s really true, but I like the name.

London’s month-long event is called Ping!, and in addition to free ping pong table use, it will also include ping pong classes, ping pong history lectures, and a literary ping pong quiz. In short, this is a good month to be in London if you’re a ping pong enthusiast.

The point of the whole thing is to get people excited for ping pong at the 2012 Olympic Games, which will be in London. This summer’s event will kick off at London's St Pancras International train station, where trains arrive from Paris and Brussels. The UK Olympic ping pong team will be there. After the summer, the Ping! project will move on to four other cities and then come back to London in 2012.

Photo: Julio Albarran via Flickr (CC license)

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