Peru and Machu Picchu Adventure with Trevor Martin

We sat down with Trevor Martin upon his return from our Peru and Machu Picchu Adventure, and found out this trip is true to its name—there’s no doubt that it is all about the adventure. Travel is about what you make it, and Trevor chose to live this trip to the fullest, starting with his first tattoo in the Plaza de Armas in Cuzco to commemorate his maiden voyage to Peru! Intrigued? Read on to find out more about Trevor’s trip.

EFCB: So Trevor, what made you pick Peru and Machu Picchu Adventure for your first EF College Break trip?
TM: Well, I wanted to see another continent and really went into it without expectations. I was looking forward to Machu Picchu, but basically went into it with a clear mind.

EFCB: We know Cuzco is 11,000ft above sea level, more than double the height of Denver. How was that?
TM: It was difficult to get used to the elevation at first. The best advice is to drink water and coca tea and try out the oxygen machines when they’re available. You eventually get used to it, but it is tough at first. It was cool flying over Cuzco and seeing the snow-capped mountain peaks. It really set the scene for everything else we saw.

EFCB: That’s awesome! What else did you see?
TM: Aguas Calientes was the best part of the trip. It’s a really cool, little mountain town that’s both in the jungle and in the mountains. It has tons of small shops in the market area. It was awesome to be able to practice my Spanish while haggling with the local shop owners.

But the main highlight overall were the people I traveled with. I really can’t say enough about the them. We had a great group of open-minded travelers, all from different backgrounds all over the country who just made the trip amazing.

EFCB: Alright, we need to know—how was Machu Picchu?
TM: The trip at sunrise to Machu Picchu was my favorite day. Some of us found a good view of the ruins and just sat for about an hour. The clouds were moving through the mountains, level with us, and it was just amazing. We hiked about a mile and a half to the Sun Gate, which is part of the Incan Trail, and had a moment with no concept of how large the space actually is. You’re just trying to comprehend something you don’t see in your day to day and you have to just look around and say, “Wow!”

EFCB: That’s incredible! What’s the food like?
TM: We had great ceviche in Lima, but I think a highlight were some of the more interesting dishes. We tried guinea pig (a common local dish) and it actually tastes like duck! I had alpaca twice and it’s one of the best meats I’ve ever had! It’s kind of like short ribs. There is also this GIANT corn that was served with the ceviche, but it’s like a starchy corn, not sweet like what we’re used to.

EFCB: Alpaca? That’s pretty crazy! Did you and the group do anything else daring?
TM: Definitely! Besides getting my first tattoo, some people swam with sea lions and our Tour Director even put together an excursion for us to go horseback riding in the hills with beautiful views of the Andes. We were able to explore Incan Caves and the Moon Temple. Our Tour Director also set up a whitewater rafting trip for the group, which was pretty awesome. On top of that, some of us did a few other even more adventurous activities on our own. Overall, it was a great trip!