Tips for Saving Money Abroad: Watch Yo Stuff

What are some best practices for keeping your stuff safe and sound abroad? Read on to find out!

Hide yo’ passport; hide yo’ wallet. It goes without saying: a stellar way to hang onto your money abroad is simply to not lose it. But let’s get one thing straight: pickpockets should never deter you from your dream destination; they’re going to be where people are, so this advice applies to any crowd in the U.S. just as it does abroad.

Travel smart, and you should have nothing to worry about. Here are a few basics to keep in mind:

  1. Watch your back. Not to be confused with a threat, I mean actually keep your backside secure. Don’t put valuables in your back pocket, and hold your bag in front of you in crowded places. Better yet, wear a fanny pack. No one will judge. Or everyone will. You live your life. Haters gon’ hate; fannies gon’ pack.
  2. Navigate crowds carefully. Metro stops, iconic landmarks, and other crowded areas are dance floors of the devious. Be cautious of anyone bumping into you. On the train, cradle your belongings like an infant in a blizzard.
  3. XYZ. Zippers are fantastic. Wear jackets and pants with zippable pockets. You may only find a style tailored to the cast of Seinfeld season 1, but damn if they don’t look great with that fanny pack. You’re a tiger.
  4. Use judgement with street vendors. They’re an awesome way to get authentic souvenirs, but be wary of those that are a little too engaging—they don’t care if you buy their 10-cent replica key chain, but they do care about their buddy standing behind you while you keep looking the other way.

In that regard, as much as we all shed a tear of hope for humanity when “Free Hugs” made it on to the viral webisphere, it breaks my heart to say that, when traveling:

I appreciate the sentiment, but guys, let’s not hug strangers
I appreciate the sentiment, but guys, let’s not hug strangers




Do you have any tips or tricks to save money while you’re traveling? Share your favorites with us, and we might feature them in an upcoming post! Stay tuned to Travel Stuff for our next money-saving topic: How to eat like a local.