Real advice from our real travelers

We asked past travelers on our Facebook page to give their advice for first time travelers. A lot of people gave similar recommendations, but there were a few we never would have guessed.

1. Pack Light/Smart


“Bring good walking shoes.” -Meghan

“Pack light–only two bags and not big.” -Val


2. Go out of your comfort zone. 

“Take a chance and do something that makes you uncomfortable. Those experiences can make some of the best and most treasured memories.” -Alyssa

“Go with the flow. If you want to do something do it right then.” -Jeremy


3. Save up money in advance so you can splurge on experiences, but spend smart.

Spend-Money-on-Experiences-Not-Things-702x336“Try to figure out beforehand what and where you’ll want to splurge. going somewhere new can be like a kid in a candy shop. Be mindful of your money. And if you’re balling on a budget split some meals with a friend  and take advantage of free breakfasts!!” -Kelsita

“Spend your money on experiences, not things!” – Christina


4. Don’t be lame. 


“Moderation! Traveling is so much better when you don’t feel like crap and hungover everyday.” -Annie

“Don’t be lame, you’ll catch up on your sleep on the long bus rides. Also, those buses WILL leave you, so don’t be late.” – Eric

We also had a few pearls of wisdom that many people don’t normally think about.

“Bring medicine from home that works for you! We all got super sick halfway through and the drugs for colds and sinuses in Europe are expensive, hard to find when you need them and not as strong!” -Shelby

“Pack an extra pair of clothes in your carry on! You never know if your luggage will make it to your destination!” – Kurya

“Keep an extra debit card (linked to your current account) in your suitcase. If you lose the one on your person, you can transfer the funds without completely screwing yourself over.” – Lindsee

“Even if you are a really picky eater..just try the food anyways. I am a really fussy eater and I liked 90% of the food I had.” -Allison

“Put people and yourself into your pictures! I have so many of the places I saw but many of them I could get online.” -Erin

“Do the LONGEST trip possible!!” -Kaja

“Bring enough underwear for Every. Single. Day. Don’t kid yourself, you’re not doing laundry on day 20…” -Ashley

“Don’t pack a suitcase you can’t lift over your head.” -Vanessa