Put It All on Black at Europe’s Most Exclusive Roulette Wheel


Put it all on black at Europe’s most exclusive roulette wheel

The Casino de Monte Carlo is a glitzy, glamorous gambling mecca located in the tiny nation of Monaco.  Fortunes have been won and lost here and getting in on the action is easy.  European-style roulette is a fixture here at Monte Carlo, and your odds are slightly better than the version of the game you may have played before in Las Vegas (a staggering 3.03% better).

Even if you’re not gambling, Monaco is some of the best people watching in the world.  But, when (not if) you win big, tour the Riviera in a helicopter.  It’s a fantastic ride.

Get there with EF College Break

We offer several trips that can get you to Monaco.  These include: Highlights of Europe, Grand Tour of Europe and Spain, France & Italy. Each trip has a special optional excursion to Monaco’s Casino de Monte Carlo.