Some odds and ends from Shanghai

I came across a few separate items related to Shanghai today, so I thought I’d fill you in. Shanghai is by all accounts an amazing city—temples, gardens, and the third-tallest building in the world. Here's what else I've learned today:

First, Shanghai has a new Museum of Glass. If that doesn’t get you excited, you should spend a few moments thinking seriously about glass. The museum, which opened last week, is in a former glass factory, and it focuses on the art and science of glass. You can learn exactly what glass is, find out about the history of glass, and see the role glass plays in our daily lives. There's also a gallery of glass art. It’s a dream for any glass enthusiast.

I also read that Shanghai is a hotbed of new museums. Back in 2000, the city declared it would have 100 new museums by 2005. They’ve blown past that. And many of them are free to enter, which is always nice. I found an article that highlights the eight strangest museums in Shanghai. My personal favorite is the chopsticks museum (I like chopsticks).

Finally, I came upon an amazing Shanghai video. If you have about five minutes to kill, you could do much worse than this time-lapse video of a miniature Shanghai in action. It makes me want to visit Shanghai. It shows a bustling model city, day and night, all to a nice Thievery Corporation soundtrack. It’s mesmerizing. (Side note: I’m a sucker for miniatures. This miniature airport in Hamburg, Germany blew my mind.)

As for real Shanghai, EF College Break’s China trip goes there. I have been to China, but not yet to Shanghai. It’s on my list. If you go with EF College Break, please tell me how it is. I am curious about the glass museum.

Photo: Gregory Jordan via Flickr (CC)

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