Game of Thrones’ Dorne is Seville, Spain


In Real Life: Real Alcazar
In the 7 Kingdoms: Royal Palace of Dorne


The Alcazar in Sevilla originally served as a Moorish fort built in the 12th century and is currently the oldest royal palace still in use in Europe today. The Spanish royal family still use the upper levels of the Alcazar as their residence in Sevilla. In 1987, the Alcazar became a UNESCO World Heritage Site, which isn’t surprising once you feast your eyes on this beautiful palace and equally stunning gardens. Adorned with intricate, colorful tilework and gardens that rival other palaces throughout Europe, it’s obvious that this place is something special.

In Season 5 of Game of Thrones, you will find the Alcazar featured as the Water Gardens of Dorne, which are used as the homebase of House Martell as well as the children of Dorne. Four parts of the Alcazar were used to film to set the scene for House Martell: the Ambassador’s Hall, Mercury’s Pool, the Baths of Maria Padilla, and the gardens.

In Real Life: Plaza de Toros de Osuna
In the 7 Kingdoms: Danzak’s Pit


Bullfighting has long been part of Spanish culture dating back to 711 AD as a sport for the aristocracy, beginning with King Alfonso VIII. Today, though it may seem controversial to some, bullfighting, or corrida de toros, still reaches 1 million people per year.

The Plaza de Toros de Osuna in the Sevilla region, dates back to 1904 and is HUGE! It seats 5,000 spectators and was chosen by GoT staff because of the similar stonework to that found in Croatia, where other scenes were filmed. You’ll notice the bullring in Season 5 as a fighting pit within the city of Meereen, ruled by Khaleesi, or Daenerys Targaryen. Featured as Danzak’s Pit, this is the place where the epic battle between noblemen, slaves and Khaleesi’s dragons takes place.


Other sites in Seville that look like they could be in Game of Thrones

It’s safe to say the Thrones madness will continue in Season 6, and who knows? Maybe Winter will actually get here. Either way, we’re excited to see which filming destinations they’ll choose next!