Grand Tour of Spain Highlights

The old saying goes, “When in Rome, do as the Romans do,” but what about when you’re in Spain? I sat down with traveler and Instagram Takeover participant, Brittany Morgan, about her experience on Grand Tour of Spain this September. After talking for only a few minutes, it became clear that Brittany Carpes the crap out of her Diem, leaving no opportunity un-experienced. Here are some of Brittany’s favorite moments on the Grand Tour of Spain:

1. Blending In

“One day in Madrid, I got up early, got lost and just walked around,” Brittany said. She remarked on the importance of quality time to Spanish people, their afternoon siestas and how the atmosphere in general is more relaxed. “In the States we’re always on the go and it took a while to get used to [the slower pace] but once I did, I was able to just soak it all in. This trip was different in terms of blending into their everyday lives.”

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2. Toledo

“We walked the whole city and explored the smaller, Old Town area. We crossed a bridge and walked the winding streets and the landscape was absolutely beautiful.” Since Toledo is about an hour outside of Madrid, it’s like a breath of fresh air breaking out of the busy hustle of the city. “The excursions were so worth it. They’re optional for a reason. You don’t have to go, but why would you not? It’s an experience and makes you appreciate your own and other cultures. It’s really eye opening.”

3. The Art

Brittany is an Art Therapy student and has traveled with EFCB three other times. She mentioned that places like Paris, home to the Louvre, always came to mind first when it came to art, but she was pleasantly surprised with all she found in Spain. Between the architecture in Barcelona and the Prado Museum in Madrid, she was able to take a deep dive into her personal interests. The Prado is home to original pieces by Picasso and even Rembrandt. “Even though no photos were allowed inside parts of the museum, it was nice to have a moment to sit and really enjoy the art.”

All in all, Brittany took advantage of every moment on her trip, which in my opinion is the best way to travel. Whether it’s partaking in the excursions or using your free time to find activities that speak to your interests, go out there and do it! “This trip was all about quality time, enjoying ourselves and being free spirited. While working and in school you focus on your to-do list and can lose sight of enjoying yourself.” You heard the girl, go have fun and enjoy yourself!

You can enjoy your own Grand Tour of Spain over New Year’s Eve or throughout the rest of the year. No matter when you go, it’s bound to be a great time.