Steampunk gala in London

Have you heard of steampunk? I hadn’t until a few minutes ago. But this past Saturday, steampunk’s biggest event of the year, The Great Exhibition 2010, was held at La Scala club in London. By all accounts, it was a very good time.

Steampunk is an offbeat sub-culture that takes retro-future-sci-fi-technology and combines it with the steam power era—especially 19th-century Victorian England. (If that doesn't make much sense, Wikipedia does a better job of explaining steampunk than I do).

Anyway, Saturday's party was the annual shining moment for steampunk and steampunk enthusiasts.

The video from the event gives you a good feel for it. These people are passionate about steampunk. They came in elaborate costumes, like a man who called himself Syberfi who proudly wore his “cranio-meter” around his head. Then there was a man named Shipton Bellinger, who sold old-timey USB drives (he called them portable information cabinets.) And finally, there was Mr. B., a steampunk hip hop artist (he called it chap hop) who raps about things like cricket, fine sherry, and his pipe.

As you can tell, this was a very dedicated group of people. All in all, more than a thousand people attended the party, where they were treated to music, drink, and all the weird retro-futuristic excitement they could handle.

If you missed it this year, don't worry. There’s always The Great Exhibition 2011.

Photo: Rain Rabbit via Flickr (CC license)

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