Surf’s up on Australia’s Gold Coast

One of the biggest surfing competitions in the world is going on right now on Australia’s Gold Coast. I don’t surf, I’ve actually never surfed, and I won’t pretend to know all that much about surfing, but I do appreciate a good surfing video. And I watched Point Break the other day.

The event going on right now in Australia is the Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast competition, and it runs from February 26 to March 10. The Quiksilver Pro is a special event because it kicks off the ASP World Tour each year (ASP stands for Association of Surfing Professionals). The winners (male and female) of the Quiksilver Pro are set up well for good things on the rest of the tour. And this year is the 10th Quiksilver Pro, so everyone is even a little bit more excited than normal.

The Gold Coast itself is a 70-kilometer stretch of coastline running along Australia’s eastern seaboard. It’s famous for some of the best surfing in the world. It’s also famous for its sunny days, its backpackers, its clubs, bars, beachside antics, etc., making it one of the more popular events on the ASP Tour. 

As for the surfing, the surfers at the Quiksilver Pro must contend with world renowned surf breaks such as Snapper Rocks, Kirra and Burleigh Heads. You can watch video highlights of them attacking these waves on the event's website. In fact, you can even watch a live webcast when they’re out on the water (as I write this, they’re probably sleeping; no webcast of that). Here’s the current local time on the Gold Coast.

By all accounts, the Gold Coast is also a great place to learn how to surf. Maybe not on Snapper Rocks, Kirra and Burleigh Heads, but there are plenty of tamer spots I’m sure.

Photo: Michael Dawes via Flickr (CC license)

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