Taking Valentine’s Day seriously in Verona

With love and romance sweeping the globe today (Valentine’s Day), one city in particular takes it to a new level. And with good reason. It’s the home of the most famous lovers of all time, Romeo and Juliet.

I’m talking about Verona, Italy. This is where Romeo and Juliet lived (and died, if I remember the story right). Year-round, modern-day Verona is steeped in romance. So naturally, when Valentine’s Day rolls around, the city doesn’t waste the opportunity to capitalize on the love in the air. In fact, today is the third and final day of a 3-day celebration called Verona in Love.

During Verona in Love, the city hangs heart-shaped lanterns in the main streets and lights up the main tower in red. There’s a kiss-a-thon at some point, and they even have a market set up in the shape of a heart in Piazza dei Signori. Sure it’s all kind of stupid, but it’s all in the name of romance. I’m sure if Romeo and Juliet were alive today, they would be favorites to win the kiss-a-thon.

Any time of year, Verona is a mecca for romantic types (or people who like to see famous things from Shakespeare plays). A few EF College Break Europe trips swing through Verona, giving you a chance to see the places made famous by Shakespeare’s play. You can see Juliet’s house, including the legendary balcony where she called out for her Romeo. You can also see Romeo’s house, which is apparently much less impressive.

Photo: ell brown via Flickr (CC)

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