The flamenco of Southern Spain

I like to dance, when the time is right. I may not be the first person on the dance floor, but I’m usually not the last either.

But I have never danced the flamenco. I have, however, seen the flamenco. Just a few minutes ago the memories came flooding in, as I came upon this article about flamenco in Seville, Spain. Seville is the capital of Spain’s Andalusia region, and it’s considered the center of the flamenco universe. This is where I saw a flamenco show.

I must say, the flamenco show was quite different from what I was expecting. In retrospect, going into it I didn’t really have a detailed idea of what flamenco actually was. I envisioned it as just an elaborate Spanish dance style.

But there’s much more to flamenco than just dancing. It’s a whole outpouring of emotions through music. There’s a lot of hard guitar strumming, a lot of very emotional singing and shouting, a lot of hand-clapping, and a lot of foot stomping. It’s not really a social dance (you don’t say “let’s go flamenco dancing at the club”), but is actually more of a performance art. It’s a very powerful and passionate show. Check out the article to learn more about it.

A lot of EF College Break trips to Spain have an optional flamenco activity one night. I personally recommend it if you want to get a real feel for one of Spain’s most treasured art forms.

Photo: The J Train via Flickr

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