Time for the Monaco Grand Prix

It’s been a busy couple of weeks on the French Riviera. First, the Cannes Film Festival wrapped up this past Sunday. And now this coming weekend is the Monaco Grand Prix, the world’s most famous Formula One auto race. Starting today there will be parties and events, as well as practice and qualifying runs, and then the big race itself is on Sunday.

I don’t think you have to be a fan of Formula One racing to know about (and maybe even care a little about) the Monaco Grand Prix. It’s a legendary race, one of the Triple Crown of Motorsport (along with the Indy 500 and the Le Mans). The course itself is very demanding; it has a lot of ups and downs, a lot of tight turns, and even a tunnel. Here’s a video giving you a driver’s-eye view.

As you’d expect from an event in Monaco, the Grand Prix has an air of luxury and glamour and glitz. It draws the rich-and-famous from all over the world, and also the not-so-rich-or-famous. Racing fans, especially European ones, get excited for it.

Monaco, as you probably know, is both a tiny city and a tiny country (technically a sovereign city-state). It’s known for its famous Royal Palace and its even more famous Monte Carlo Casino. I’ve been to the Casino. It’s fun. You have to be well-dressed though, and at the time I was too intimidated to gamble at all (I have since gained more confidence in my blackjack skills). In any event, if you find yourself on the French Riviera, I recommend going to Monaco. EF College Break has a whole bunch of trips that go to the French Riviera; they stay mostly in Nice, but Monaco is not far up the coast. Check it out.

Photo: Mark Hintsa via Flickr (CC)

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