Asparagus-mania in Germany



Who likes asparagus? (I do.)

If you like asparagus, you should go to Germany during the next two months. That’s because Germany has just entered Spargelzeit, otherwise known as asparagus season.

This is the first I’ve ever heard of this, which kind of surprises me. (I like to think I’m in-the-know when it comes to food customs around the world, especially in Central Europe.) As it turns out, every year at this time, when asparagus is in season, Germany eats and celebrates all things asparagus (which they call the king of vegetables).

In Berlin it starts with a ceremonial tasting at Brandenburg Gate. From there the asparagus festivities reach epic levels. There is plenty of eating of course—asparagus sausage, asparagus soup, ham with asparagus embedded in it, asparagus ice cream. But it goes beyond food. There are asparagus festivals. There are heated debates about the best ways to cook asparagus. At least one town crowns an annual Asparagus Queen (with crowns of asparagus).

And yes, it does mean that toilets around Germany have a special smell this time of year


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