Top 3: Cultural Deep-Dives


The Vatican

What? A country within a city and home to some of the world’s most significant relics, the Vatican is a bucket list destination for travelers of all walks of faith. Skip the line with a local guide to stroll through the centuries-old structures and see the ceilings of the Sistine Chapel, where Michelangelo painted his famous work. Connect to your roots or simply stand in awe as mankind’s sacred creativity is put on full display.

Why? Religious or not, the stuff behind these walls altered the course of history and art as we know it.

How? Do it on Grand Tour of Italy.


Anne Frank House

What? Experience the house that hid the young diarist and her family during Nazi tyranny. Climb the stairs to the secret annexes, see the very bookcase that covered the entrance and learn about persecution and discrimination elsewhere. Now a museum, this structure is a healthy reminder of the importance of acceptance; the power of love over hate.

Why? Though somber, a visit contains life lessons for humans everywhere.

How? Do it on Grand Tour of Europe.

The Louvre

What? Get lost in the world’s largest museum. Originally a 12th-century palace, the stunning building has long held a royal collection of fine art and ancient sculptures. Today, it houses works from all eras and locations, including Venus de Milo and Mona Lisa herself.

Why? Because it’s a lot better here than in your history book or 1000-piece puzzle.

How? Do it on London & Paris.