Top 3: Foodie Outings


Taste of Italy: Pasta-Making Class

What? When in Rome, do as the Romans do and cook awesome food. It starts with crafting the dough for homemade pasta, and finishes with a delicious meal prepared by your own hands. Along the way, you’ll get to taste some of the finest olive oil and vinegar with a local food guide while learning about Italian food traditions throughout the ages.

Why? Because a cuisine experience this authentic can only be found Italy itself.

How? Do it on London, Paris & Rome


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Tokyo Sushi Experience

What? Begin at the Tsukiji Market with a local guide to learn how master sushi chefs select their fresh marine ingredients from more than 400 types of seafood.
After you’ve toured the market, apply your know-how in a sushi-making class. Learn to assemble three types of traditional Japanese sushi (Nigiri, Temari and Maki), then enjoy your lunch and indulge in a guided Sake tasting.

Why? Because date night goes a lot better when you’re impressive enough to roll your own sushi.

How? Do it on Highlights of Japan & China



Czech Yourself: Beer Flights & Bohemian Feast

What? Start with several samples of local beer as a guide teaches you about the subtle flavors, history and culture around this nectar of the gods. Then, it’s a short walk to your traditional feast, consisting of hearty, meaty dishes to compliment your perfect Pilsner. Na zdravi!

Why? Because when it comes to beer, the Czech Republic out-drinks every other country in the world. This is a fact. Google it.

 How? Do it on Highlights of Eastern Europe