Travel Inspiration: James Bond’s Greatest Moments in Venice


Today’s dose of travel inspiration comes courtesy of Bond, James Bond.

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James Bond is the signature force behind 24 of the most successful commercial movies series ever made. Amazingly, the super spy’s flicks have grossed over $6 billion in ticket sales since the franchise debuted in 1962. Not only is his commercial survival unprecedented in movie history, but he’s also survived some harrowing situations…

Enemies have tried to shoot him, bite him, blow him up, poison him, drown him, stab him, laser him in half, feed him to sharks, feed him to crocodiles, feed him to snakes (several times), throw him from an airplane, chain him to a nuclear warhead about to detonate, trap him in a pilotless helicopter, and on and on and on. Yet, he lives on for generations of successive fans.

Travel Inspiration for Millions of Men Everywhere

Bond stands for a lot of things – super spy, playboy, a man’s man.  And according to CNN, he’s a leading purveyor of travel inspiration. And, it’s not just CNN saying that. Travel magazines like Conde Nast and Travel + Leisure have both published articles recently highlighting Bond’s travel attraction. Not to be outdone, countless newspapers have picked up on Bond’s travel-appeal. The Washington Times just published a piece on his adventures in Switzerland, USA Today another on his Caribbean jaunts.

We certainly don’t want to be left out. These are our two favorite Bond moments in Venice, a one-of-a-kind city for a one-of-a-kind travel icon.

Moment #1 – Bond’s High Powered Venetian Gondola in Moonraker

Here we find Bond battling an international villain of some note, Hugo Drax. Drax’s mission is to blast off into outer space with spaceships stolen from NASA. After arriving in the comforts of his mega space station, he plans to launch a poisonous gas attack on the planet. Yes, it’s really believable. Once everyone is dead, he’ll return to Earth and start humankind over again. Standing in his way is James Bond. He’s  in Venice; hot on the trail of uber villain Drax – and the result is Venice portrayed in the glory of 1970s cinema action.

Moment #2- The Sinking Villa in Casino Royale



In a more modern take, Bond, fresh off a nasty car crash in Montenegro (sadly, his Aston Martin was definitely totaled) and a big payday in the world’s biggest poker game, Bond is busy trying to bankrupt a global terrorist. His name is Le Chiffre; he’s a weird banker villain that cries bloody tears. Bond realizes the girl he loves, Vesper, is really some sort of messed up double agent. She’s grabbed his poker stash from a Swiss bank and is meeting up in Venice with a one-eyed-man to hand over her ill gotten gains. In the action that ensues, Bond goes a little loco and a rather large house ends up sinking into one of Venice’s canals.


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