Our Travelers: Mat & Rob Mantrip Through Thailand


Sometimes, if you’re lucky enough, you end up as part of a dynamic duo: Batman and Robin; Sherlock Holmes and Watson; Rob and Mat. The first two probably ring a bell, but the final pair may be a head-scratcher. Rob and Mat are two post-grad travelers who took their first Ultimate Break trip to Thailand and the Islands.

I sat down with Mat to talk about his experience partaking in what we like to call “Mantripping” with his childhood friend, Rob.
Morgan: So, set the scene. What made you and Rob want to take a trip together?
Mat: Over the past two or three years, we’ve taken some domestic trips together to places like Vegas, back to Tennessee for a few friends’ weddings, and California. We recently went on a trip to the Dominican Republic with one of Rob’s fraternity brothers who went on the 30-day Grand Tour of Europe. He recommended the company so we decided to check it out. We wanted to go somewhere warm, so we landed on Thailand and the Islands.

Morgan: Great choice. Other than the great weather, why did Thailand stand out?
Mat: We didn’t do a ton of research in advance, but Rob’s dad had recommended Thailand as a fun destination. We thought it was cool that we’d be traveling with a group, but knew that by traveling together, we’d have fun on our own regardless.

Morgan: How did you like traveling with a group?
Mat: Everyone was really cool. It was great that everyone was within our age range and we were on the same flight with a lot of people. The first night or two, Rob and I went out on our own, but as the trip went on, the group became one of the main highlights. After awhile, the sights and the temples kind of all blend together, but having a cool group made all the difference. A few of us already have a trip to Belize planned for May.

Morgan: That sounds like a fun reunion! What was your and Rob’s favorite part of the trip?
Mat: We both really liked the Bangkok floating markets. Bartering with the locals was pretty awesome. It’s an experience you don’t really get to have in the US where the price of everything is negotiable. But also, the bus rides with the group were always really fun. I was constantly cracking up over something.

We also did a rickshaw ride and went back to the hotel and did karaoke with some locals afterward. Seeing our Tour Director, Vit, and one of the other guys, George, sing “Hotel California” will be a moment I never forget. George’s power stance rivaled Steven Tyler.

Morgan: Do you think you prefer traveling with friend?
Mat: Our group was awesome, but I think it was cool to get to go with Rob. We kept each other in check. By going with a friend, we were both guaranteed to have a good time, but also got really lucky with how great our group was.

We’ll definitely try to do one more Ultimate Break trip together before we’re too old.


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