Venice Biennale begins June 4

The Venice Biennale starts this Saturday. What is it? It’s a huge months-long art exhibition that happens every other year, turning Venice into an international showcase of art, music, dance, architecture, film and more. If you’re going to be in Venice this summer with EF College Break, you can check out some of the stuff. It actually goes all the way until November 27.

The first Venice Biennale was in 1895. It got more international as the 20th century went along. Artistically speaking, the focus has always been on the more contemporary and avant-garde art from around the world. So you’ll probably see some weird stuff. The Venice Film Festival is also part of it (takes place in September).

The focus of the whole exhibition is a park called Giardini, which houses a number of national pavilions where all the different countries showcase their art. In the modern Biennale, the exhibitions have expanded beyond the Giardini to locations all over the city. In a nice development, this year there are a record number of countries represented (89 in total), including newcomers Haiti and Iraq.

Even if you aren’t into art, it's always exciting to be visiting a city when there’s a little extra buzz in the air. It'll be good to be in Venice this summer. Well it’s always good to be in Venice. This summer it’ll be a little extra good.

Photo: canceledmodillion via Flickr (CC)

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