Visit an Aquatic Paradise: Tangalooma on Moreton Island


Just off the east coast of Brisbane, Australia are miles of beautiful white sand beaches and crystal-clear water teeming with fish. There are few visitors and little infrastructure. It’s a beach lover’s paradise and a nature lover’s dream, but chances are you’ve never heard of it.

Meet MORETON ISLAND, One of the World’s Largest Sand Islands


Tangalooma measures some 24 miles in length and nearly five miles at its widest point. The island is covered with colorful grasses, banksias and a white flowering bush, aptly named the “Bridal Bush”. Tangalooma is the aboriginal name given to the area, and it means “meeting place of the fishes”. Aboriginal settlements here go back 2,000 years.

Today, it is an area of unparalleled beauty—both above and below the water. It’s also an ecological success story and an amazing, fun place to spend a few days if you ever count yourself so fortunate.

Explore Sunken Ships


The waters are lagoonal, which means Moreton Island and it’s southern neighbor North Stradbroke Island effectively protect the shore from the powerful Pacific swell, blocking ocean storms and currents. Thus, the water in the lagoon stays calm and clear. Excellent visibility is accentuated by an amazing man-made reef of epic proportions. Fifteen sunken ships have been deliberately placed on a north–south axis. Originally placed to form a safe anchorage, the by-product is a one-of-a-kind, artificial reef that has become a place of international repute for snorkelers.

The sheer size and scope of the reef make it home to a dazzling array of aquatic life. Marine life has thrived here in this idyllic setting,and the fish reward visitors by allowing them to get up close. In most settings, fish will bolt when approached, but not here—they are comfortable with their human visitors. Fishes to watch for include: bream, snapper, kings, trevally, dart, and tailor flathead.

The Perfect Place to Try Snorkeling


Even if you have never snorkeled before, the uniqueness of this place ensures a great first experience. Contending with rough seas, limited visibility or extremely challenging currents is never a good introduction to the snorkeling world. Simply put, this place is perfect for all levels of snorkelers.

Snorkeling gear is available to rent and several tours run from the nearby area. Additionally, access to the reef can be had simply by swimming from the beach if desired. Small skiffs are available to rent along with fishing tackle for those looking to try their luck angling. Adventure abounds on land as well – four wheeling, sand dune tobogganing, hiking and wildlife tours are just some of the land-based adventures to help make your trip epic in the unlikely event that exploring these beautiful beaches ever gets old.

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