Cities We Love: Melbourne


Melbourne is covered with shrubs and gardens galore. Whether on the shores of Port Phillip or in the shade of Albert Park, there are plenty of trees to hug along the way. Each season goes full force (with the exception of pleasantly mild winters) as the foliage beautifully accents the urban environment in which it grows. It’s no wonder that Boston is Melbourne’s U.S. sister city.




Hailing from Australia, the UK, China and just about everywhere else, Melbourne’s residents are known for being some of the most genuinely nice people walking the earth. They are also sports fanatics, hosting massive crowds for tennis, cricket, and Australian football matches all year long.




Established in the early 1800s, Melbourne was a key player in the Victorian gold rush, bringing tens of thousands of new residents through its port. Much of the Victorian influence is evident in the old architecture, which finds a seamless blend with modern, upscale developments cropping up in the growing city.




Melbourne is covered head to toe in street art, lending its pseudonym as the “stencil capital of the world”. Not to be mistaken for graffiti or vandalism, the street art culture is embraced and revered by the public and government alike. It’s like a hundred Banksys running free on the open canvas that is their city.




On a global scale, Melbourne is among the top in health care, sports, fitness, education, biotech, and more. Its inhabitants are among the most collectively active populations, and they enjoy a temperate oceanic climate that stays warm most of the year. It’s no wonder that, for the fifth year in a row, Melbourne was named the world’s most livable city.



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