Cities We Love: Venice


It’s everywhere. From the signature city canals to the shores of the Adriatic, Venice is a land of aquatic association. Boats and gondolas are the supreme mode of transportation, winding through a labyrinth of waterways that snake under 409 bridges.




By day, the bustle of street merchants and tourists bring the city to life. The history of Venice is integral music as it is known today, and can be heard through the echoes of St. Mark’s Square or the songs of the gondoliers.




Around 9 or 10 at night, the city goes to sleep. A peaceful calm replaces the day’s chaos, and Venice is left to rest in this tranquil, gorgeous state. It’s no wonder that nighttime in Venice has inspired the likes of Shakespeare to speculate what magic comes to life when everything else is silent.




The friendly locals embrace their vibrant history and culture for all to see. Commedia dell’arte, the form of theater whereupon archetypal characters are represented through variations of carnival masks, is believed to have originated in the carnival epicenter itself: Venice. The whimsical masks are displayed throughout the city, providing a unique and artistic charm.




Venice is sinking. One day, it will be just a beautiful memory in the history of the world. While modern engineering has slowed the sinking to only a couple millimeters per year, global warming and tidal movement will ultimately have their way. Now is the time to be there before it’s gone.