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When I’m looking for things to write about for this blog, I go to a number of sources. Most of them are listed down at the right in the 'Links I Like' section. Today, as I was poking around the internet, it dawned on me that I should highlight one of these sites for all the future travelers out there.

I’m talking about whatsonwhen.com. This is one of my favorite sites to check in on, both for blog-related searching as well as travel-related planning.

Basically, you plug in date ranges and the places you’ll be (or are thinking of being), and it pops up all kinds of events and goings-on for you to check out. Anything from a Gorillaz concert in Brighton, England to the wife-carrying world championships in Sonkajärvi, Finland. You can find out about museum exhibitions, music and film festivals, and outdoorsy events and activities. You can browse by category too. I’m particularly a fan of Weird & Wonderful.

For instance, I’m thinking of being in London and Paris next June. Oh look, the International Photographic Flea Market in Paris sounds pretty cool. And in London, I’ll be able to catch a showing of “Shrek the Musical” AND witness the World Naked Bike Ride. That’s great. Or not, depending on how you feel about naked bike rides. The point is, whether you’re trying to figure out where you want to go and when, or you already know where you're going to be and just need to find things to do, this website is a great place to get excited for a trip.

Photo: CeBepuH via Flickr (CC)

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