Why Bigger Isn’t Always Better

By: Morgan Murphy, Senior Trip Consultant 

When you start wanderlusting and making your bucket list of travel destinations, the big names always come to mind first – London, Paris, Dublin, Barcelona – but there’s a great big world out there!  On my most recent CB trip to Italy and Greece I learned about the beauty of venturing off the beaten path and how these experiences put everything else to shame.

En route to Greece, I could not wait for Athens.  I had heard about Plaka, the endless gyros and the Acropolis and could not wait to experience it for myself, but was surprised to say that Delphi beat the pants off of Athens.  I had never heard of Delphi prior to working for College Break, nor did I think it would be as beautiful as it was, but I was immediately impressed when I opened the patio doors to my hotel room and looked out onto our view of the mountains.

Was it awesome to visit the Colosseum in Rome and climb the Acropolis in Athens?  Obviously, but if asked what my favorite moments on tour were, these would fall secondary to sitting on the pebble beaches in Delphi or inhaling a giant cone of gelato in Florence.

My challenge to all of you travelers out there is to step outside of your comfort zone and dare to be different.  Clearly, I condone taking a million #selfiesinimportantplaces, but take advantage of getting outside the big cities, eating at a super divey, hole in the wall café, and making this YOUR trip.

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